Dreams & Reality

There once was a young girl who dreamed a dream.  She dreamed of being a princess in a castle in a far away land.  She dreamed of knights in shining armor, long flowing gowns and a world of excitement.

She met Peter Pan in her early childhood and embarked on a journey of endless adventures.  Peter took her to places she only dreamed of.  She lived a life of happiness, joy and laughter.  They danced, they sang, they wowed the world!  She learned so much from her childhood friend.  Peter opened her eyes to things she had never known.  Oh what a life of excitement they lived.  The young girl wished it could go on forever.

But just like Jackie Paper and his childhood friend Puff, fairytales come to an end. The little girl grew up to a beautiful young woman.  She knew she couldn’t live in Never-Never Land forever.  Her heart grew sad and she cried.  She wanted to bring her very dear friend with her and continue her journey through life with her.

Now the young woman lives her life as a vibrant, bright and exciting young adult.  She will always remember her travels with her childhood friend Peter Pan and will always hold a special place in her heart for her friend.  And from time to time when she is thinking back, she can relive those festive and joyful days and cherish them forever.